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V.F.W. FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

 Who can join the V.F.W.?

If you are a U.S. citizen who has served honorably in the Armed Forces and has served in an overseas conflict, you are eligible to become a member of the VFW. You can join us even if you are still serving in the military. The VFW counts over 75,000 active-duty, Reserve and National Guard service members among our ranks.

If you have received a campaign medal for overseas service; if you have served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea; or if you have ever received hostile fire or imminent danger pay, then you are eligible to become a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

What is the cost of joining the V.F.W.?

Annual Membership is $ 40.00, which includes a VFW Magazine Subscription.

Life Membership and payment plans are also available.

The Post considers financial aid requests for Veterans wishing to become an active member of the Post.

What are the Benefits of Membership in the V.F.W.?

Not everyone has served in hostile territory. But every member of the VFW has.

We have all been there, and because of this, you can count on the same camaraderie you had when you served.

The V.F.W. is the largest combat veterans organization and more than half our members are under 40.

We offer assistance of all kinds with programs designed for veterans, by veterans. We offer contacts and friendships with those who understand the issues we all face.

You also have the opportunity to continue to give service through ongoing community programs for youth, teachers, and first responders.

The V.F.W. also advocates for Veterans Rights, and supports legislation that provides benefits to veterans. Our Service Officers are available to assist you with your needs, including assistance in filing for earned and entitled benefits.

What am I required to do as a member?

It has been said by our Past National Commander-in-Chief, Members are the bullets in the weapon that is used to defend veterans. The degree of participation as a member is wholly yours, and you can be as active and participatory as you wish.

We certainly have ongoing programs and events that need your participation, but you choose what programs, and what level of participation, if any, you wish to take with your membership in the V.F.W.

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